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As I set out on the campaign trail again, I’m already noticing that there’s something very wrong in Arizona politics. There are two things missing, and they’ve been missing for some time now. I listen to all of the other candidates as I await my chance to sell my ideas to an audience, and I know full well that potentially one or two of them will actually compete with me in the general election, for the governorship of Arizona this November, but I have no hopes that they will offer the missing pieces.
What’s lacking in Arizona politics are; ‘vision’, a personal view of what Arizona will be like if their mission is accomplished, if they get total co-operation from ‘everybody’, while daring to take on bold, world-class projects. Of today’s world leaders, why is it that only China and the United Arab Emirates seem to dare to do great things?
The next time you get a chance to ask your favorite politician a question, ask ‘em what they see in Arizona’s future, and how they plan on getting us there. Let me save you some time; they’ll propose to re-invigorate our State in a piecemeal way, not considering those mysterious ‘unforeseen circumstances’ that always come into play.
Have you ever noticed that candidates will tell you how they stand on, and what they think of all the little single-issue legislation; but they can’t tell you what the big picture looks like when you put all their little promises together. Now, I’m sure once this is published and available to them, that all the other candidates who keep an eye on such things will follow my lead, and their campaign staff will suddenly come up with the ‘candidate’s’ personal vision for Arizona’s future. That should prove interesting.
Based on past experiences, I rest assured that between 12 and 20 candidates will ultimately announce that they will seek the Office of Arizona Governor over the course of the dance, and each of them will come with a plan to fight for some issue, or special interest. At least one will try to bribe the People of Arizona by claiming they already have commitments from industries to bring a ‘thrillion’ dollars, and millions of jobs with them…but those industries will ‘only’ come if that particular person is elected. I always thought it would be interesting to see how CEOs explain to shareholders that they are willing to put everything, including earnings on hold for a candidate they don’t contribute to.
The rest don’t appear to even consider how their pet issue interacts with individual rights, special interests, and current circumstances; in other words, they don’t have an ‘end-game’ because they don’t have an objective, or a clear target to aim for. They do not see the bigger picture. Whether it is through negligence, or limitations in capabilities, is not the question; the bottom line is that whatever previous officeholders have done, has left Arizona mired in unemployment; home losses, enduring a brutal Depression and a continuing loss of manufacturing and employment opportunities—all while saddling Arizonans with ever-increasing personal debt, taxes and regulations to comply with, so now is not the time to do ‘more of the same’. Our constitutionally required public education system remains arguably ‘last’ in marketable ‘results’, in a nation that on the whole, now ranks 39th or lower, as compared with other nations. The stakes are the highest they have ever been; we need to choose Arizona’s future carefully.
Considering the resources we spend on educating Arizona’s student population, that is an inexcusable result; and that’s why I’m asking YOU to help turn things around. I tend to look at things ‘a little differently’ than other candidates; and I don’t mind discussing and considering the value of all points of view on issues of concern to constituents. After all, my charge as ‘chief public servant’ requires listening to all of my employers.
Let me share my thoughts on issues, and how each fits into my vision for Arizona’s future, so there will be no question as to the objectives we are going to reach. All we have to do is focus on growing our way out of this Depression, and don’t give up until we do. This is how I think Arizona should go forward, and how I see Arizona’s potential future:
I have a clear view of what Arizona’s future could look like. I’ve also set benchmarks for my administration, so Arizonans will be able to keep track of our progress. That should give Voters enough confidence to test me on keeping my campaign promises. I challenge all Arizona voters to stand with me in November, so we can finally put Arizona on the right track to a prosperous and productive future.
As a candidate I’ve been asked a lot of questions by the Olde Media reporters, and the vast majority of them are insultingly stupid, and irrelevant. The one question that I think is ‘the’ most relevant, and should always be asked of a candidate; is the one that none of them has ever asked.

How will Arizona be different, at the end of your (first) term; where will we be, and how will the People of Arizona have benefited by your service in office?”

In other words; what are the candidate’s values, goals, and objectives, and how do they fit into the ‘big picture’—the will of the People?
Isn’t that a great question? It kind of answers all other questions, doesn’t it? The ‘how’ should be of less concern to responsible voters, than is the objective. A true leader reaches his/her objective; he/she doesn’t just ‘try’, or ‘fight hard for’ something—they ‘do’. They see it through, and they get the job done. They identify exactly what they are targeting, and they don’t let the superfluous details stand in their way. Have you ever noticed that politicians these days will only go so far as to tell you what causes (s) they ‘support’, or what bills they think are good, but no further? I see that as superficial governance, and it’s the route they all seem to take.
I think a candidate’s ‘vision’ should be the number one consideration for voters, and certainly not “their political experience”. At this particular time in our history, ‘successful political experience’ is the last thing I would want on my resume; to say I could thrive in a corrupt organization would only draw questions as to my own personal character. Don’t you think? I mean, if all a career politician is successful at is what brought Arizona to where she is, wouldn’t their ‘successful experience’ be at doing the wrong thing(s)?
At the conclusion of my first term, I expect to see Arizona leading the rest of the nation in a re-invigoration of the original ideals that founded ‘America”, where government is consigned to protect, not ignore, the rights of each individual. I believe it is essential that the Arizona government be constrained by recognizing, and respecting its constitutional limitations; especially in ‘urgent’ or ‘emergency’ situations.
I also expect an economic revival that will catch the rest of the country in an economic vacuum, and I believe they will follow suit. I see the people of Arizona enjoying a dynamic and thriving economy based on eliminating oppressive regulatory restrictions and requirements that currently hinder entrepreneurs, and stifle new business start-ups. At the heart of our local economy is a thriving State Bank that keeps our money, right here in Arizona, and it is prepared to accept payment or trade in a variety of payment forms, old and new. As such, Arizona will offer a stable political and economic business environment that will attract companies who will want to settle right here in Arizona.








What I See:

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I see an Arizona where the State is on the brink of being completely self-funding. Arizona’s income streams will be:
  • - The flat 9.9% retail transaction tax
  • - The flat 4% of the gross receipts of all Arizona corporations
  • - Train fares
  • - Electric car rentals at the stations
  • - Royalties on developed patents
  • - Train system solar electric production
  • - Water sales from new tunnel pipeline project
  • - Investments through the State treasury
  • - Excess land/asset sales
  • - Unused building space rental
  • And more…
I see an Arizona where if you work for an hour, you get paid for an hour; and it’s your money to save, spend or give away as you choose. I see the complete elimination of all direct personal property and income taxes; effectively giving every working person 30%, or more in spendable cash without costing employers a single dime—in fact, it will save employers money, and allow them to expand, and offer more employment opportunities. When businesses can fairly compete to offer valuable products or services to the public; the public benefits from the highest quality and the lowest priced products possible being offered in the marketplace.
I see businesses anxious to come to Arizona because we provide a stable, open environment that welcomes entrepreneurs, inventors, innovators and major corporations alike, because of our simple, “access to the corporate veil” fee of only 4% of their actual gross revenues without deductions, offsets, or exemptions, instead of a tax.
I see our State Government being dangerously over-funded, with a full year-in-advance budget, to prevent future economic calamities, and I hope to be asking the legislature to lower the flat 9.9% transaction tax on all retail goods and services (without exceptions) that serves as the State’s sole tax, but only one of several sources of State income.
Just knowing that the penalty for trying to cheat on corporate taxes is a flat (non-negotiable) 7X the amount that was left unpaid; is more than enough to discourage any business from engaging in such activity, but not enough to put them out of business–and cost Arizona more jobs.
I see a nearly crime-free Arizona that has benefited dramatically by the realization that in an armed society; either by discouragement or demise, the ‘bad guys’ simply go away. It’s an Arizona where the absolute and unalienable right to bear arms is respected, and the safety of our Citizens is guaranteed and assured by other Citizens; violent criminality is reserved for the mentally-deranged; and Peace Officers standby, at-the-ready to assist when the need arises.
I see Arizona’s public educational system being hailed as the new standard in learning, based on results, and verified by voluntary competency testing. At the heart of the system is an on-line curriculum that will allow any student in Arizona to learn and specialize in whatever subjects they choose; and where three major benefits of abandoning the antiquated idea of forcing Arizona students into over-crowded classrooms have been realized. The first benefit is control of contagious diseases and epidemics that are currently spread primarily in the classrooms. The second benefit is to remove the tempting ‘gun free’ targets that have enabled all-too-many homicidal maniacs under the influence of psychotropic drugs to ply their evil. The third benefit is to relieve Arizonans of the out-of-control costs of personnel and maintaining excessive physical structures that have proven to be of no use in forwarding the goal of a truly educated society.
I see an excitement in Arizona because we succeeded when we dared do great things. The first was to build the world’s most advanced multi-use mass transportation system, and probably the only one to pay for itself. It’s constructed in the median of I-10, and I-17, so the land was not a problem, and there need be no ‘taking’ (by claim of ‘eminent domain’) of private property; and interference with normal traffic, by construction was kept to a minimum. The key was leaving no room for back-room deals; removing the normal temptations brought out the best in our elected officials. We now have a top-to-bottom, semi-vertical, 6-rail, tourist attraction, emergency medical unit (where it is most often needed), and a high-capacity mass transportation system—that literally turns a profit to the benefit of the People of Arizona. The A-framed pillars peak at 60’ with 2 active rails (set one above the other) on each outside ‘leg’ of the “A”, and 2 inside, (service/maintenance, and 1st-response units) across the bar.
One of the unique features is the ‘roof’ above the uppermost tracks. It is the world’s largest array of solar photovoltaic cells, and it provides all of the energy for the rail system, (no carbon footprint at all) as well as the totally electric cars that can be rented at each station. It’s great how it has made it possible for people to live in Tucson, and accept employment in Flagstaff, or anywhere in between. When the series of batteries that keep the electricity flowing for the system are full; they automatically feed the overage back onto the localized grid, to allow a further lowering of our “Uniform Retail Transaction Tax” (that was forever limited to a maximum of 9.9%). Of course the rail fare being limited to $5.00 for an all-day pass (for Arizonans) has drawn a lot of tourists who want to see all of the beauty of Arizona, from the comfort of a raised high-speed train. It’s being hailed as the new 9th wonder of the World.
The 2nd thing we’ve done has already made it possible to deliver desalinated sea water all the way up, from the Gulf of California, to Casa Grande through twin 40’ tunnels, also powered passively. Until we complete expanding the system to the interior of the State, it’ll remain the 2nd largest such project only to what Muammar Gaddafi built in Libya.
I see a State-owned technology campus where it benefits hi-tech companies to contribute expertise to evaluate ideas brought forth by average Arizonans. Successful ideas can be developed and turned into useful products to be marketed, with the State benefiting from an additional income stream created from its stake in all products developed on campus.
I see our Courts being respected, with more than half of the laws on the books removed; we’ve found the Courts to be more thoughtful in their interpretation of the law as it relates to constitutional limitations. I see the Courts offering juries clear and equitable instructions, insuring they know the full extent of their authority, and common sense mini ‘jury schools’, for those involved in tort case awards, and to remind jurors that the presumption of innocence is the law of the land.
I see a realistic labor entry policy, and a permanent security solution on our Southern Border using technologies that have been effective at the Groom Lake facility for decades, sparing Arizona the embarrassment of increasing numbers of needless deaths in our deserts.
I see an Arizona where our prisons are now back under State control, and their population has been cut nearly in half; sparing Arizona a significant financial burden.
I see Arizona’s Commonsense HealthCare system being copied with great success all over the World. It’s basically a revitalization of our old “County system” staffed by new doctors, fresh from learning all the latest medical innovations and advancements. The doctors agree to a reasonable salary for five years, in exchange for total forgiveness on their student loans. This gives Arizona the best in actual care for her needy, and gives all Arizonans confidence that in emergencies, everyone who needs care, will get care.
Removing government from all other healthcare will have lessened the actual retail costs by up to 80%, so that most working Arizonans will be able to pay for their health maintenance out of their hip pockets, and general insurance will become a luxury. Nominally priced Catastrophic health insurance policies will become the ‘norm’.
I see Arizona’s welfare costs being slashed because we’ve allocated specific areas to Quonset hut housing units, complete with immediate access to daycare, schooling, charity-run food kitchens, clothing, employment listings and safety to those truly in immediate need of (very) temporary lodging.
I see Arizona as having taken back nearly all of her lands from Federal over-stepping, and the sale of some of it has nearly completely paid off all of the State’s debts.
I see Arizona’s economy exploding with excitement from all of the new businesses that are started, particularly in energy-storage development; commercial Hemp cultivation and processing; and there is a substantial move by consumers to demand that new homes be built so that they can over-produce their own energy requirements. What’s more, the extra energy can be sold back onto the new grid system and used to pay the property’s mortgage. At the same time, the homeowners will enjoy a measure of passive income, to contribute to their independence.








Are you ready?:

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Well, that’s a glimpse of what I see as possible in Arizona’s future, and I hope it leaves you with a sense of where my administration might lead. I am confident that we really can achieve all of these objectives, by remaining focused on our benchmarks. I sincerely hope that you will share my vision, and will help us achieve these goals. If you do share my vision; use it as my ‘report card’. Print it out, and grade my performance based on what happens.
More specific details will be made available in my blog above.

Only one who can see the invisible; can do the impossible” – Bernard Lown

You have to be able to see the future, before you can build it; and I can see it. If you can’t see it, then I ask you; will you let me be your eyes? This is what I envision for Arizona. If you’d like to see these things become reality, too; join our team, and let’s put Arizona on the right track! Are you ready?