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Border Control

Objectives: To completely stop all crossing of the southern Arizona jurisdictional border with the State of Mexico other than through portals of entry designated by the State of Arizona.  To secure the Southern Arizona border against hostile invasion or threats to Arizona, and American Citizens at the least cost to taxpayer possible while establishing the most practical and measurable means to accomplish the objective.  To make illegal entry impossible, saving the taxpayers of Arizona the expense of capture, health care, feeding, clothing, sheltering, prosecution, punishment and deportation.

Most importantly, to protect the inherent rights, property and person of each individual as dictated by the Arizona Constitution—the rule of law.  It should be noted that the rights of the individual do not yield to “the (in)efficiencies of the State” even at the sake of greater expense.

A short background: Federal abdication of responsibility has rendered Arizona helpless to curb the numbers of migrants coming across Arizona’s Southern border outside designated points of entry.

When the Federal government consistently refuses to address such a serious issue, each State or Republic resumes all sovereign powers to protect itself.  Today, because of the current economic/opportunity Depression, illegal entry is now largely confined to the “worst of the worst” in terms of criminal intent and violence.

This issue was made far worse because of inaction on the part of the current Governor.  2 years into her inherited term she decided to fool the People of Arizona with an “Immigration” bill, that requires all Arizonans to carry a national ID, and doesn’t even address the illegal entry problems.  My hope is that the People of Arizona recognize the insincerity of election cycle stunts.


On this issue, I considered a wide variety of options and the constraints of our constitution. I arrived at solutions that most effectively solve the problems associated with individuals illegally entering Arizona for any purpose.  There is a certain irony in noting that the technological development of ‘Passive Denial Systems” (PDS) was initiated by our Federal government—specifically for use against y-o-u, me and our fellow (legal) citizens, in case we should ‘miss-behave’.  Now we can put them to use in a positive way.

PDSs are pretty much what their name implies, non-lethal, passive denial systems.

I propose six different security features with all systems intelligently interacting–to prevent illegal entry into Arizona by any known means.  The systems will rely on over-lapping and concealed sensors.

(Level 1) – A series of simple ‘Warning—do NOT enter/No Trespassing’ signs defining the actual jurisdictional boundary of Arizona.  The signs will make it clear that any vehicle proceeding beyond the line will be subject to electro-magnetic impulse, that will instantly and permanently render it unusable.

(Level 2) – 60-feet in from the border, a 2nd series of simple warning signs, making it clear that should they proceed further, in addition to Level 1 systems, they will be subject to a non-lethal ultra-sonic denial system that no human can resist because it resonates in the target’s skull and bones.

(Level 3) – 60-feet in from the Level 2 warning signs, a final series of warning signs making it clear that to proceed any farther would subject trespassers, in addition to Levels 1 and 2 systems, to essentially a non-lethal microwave that makes flesh feel like it is burning.

(Level 4) – I propose to further enhance security by using a series of ‘spy planes/drones’ to monitor the entire border for unauthorized air space penetration backed up by Arizona’s Air Guard scramble teams to escort them out or force-them-to-land missions.

(Level 5) – I propose a border-length series of seismic sensors to detect even ‘single shovel’ digging beneath the surface border.

(Level 6) – Finally, I propose to re-vitalize the Arizona Rangers (AR) whose sole assignment is to monitor all aspects of the PDSs and, act as rapid response helicopter teams for human interdiction in any extra ordinary circumstances that might arise in regard to Arizona’s border.  It will be necessary to build “firehouse” type facilities at specified intervals and entry points along the entire length of the border.  These forces, and the maintenance of PDSs will effectively be self-funded (*see Economic Recovery, and Immigration/Migration proposals).

Concealed ground sensors and non-lethal PDSs will be powered by an exclusive “mini grid” with interactive, automatic re-routing capabilities, in case any part of it should suffer from interruption.  Individual self-generating (renewable sources) power stations will be set sufficiently into the Arizona interior to assure their safety.

Build out should take only a matter of months to effective operation.

Rural areas easily lend themselves to building out the non-lethal PDS measures above, but in the urban areas and close proximities to designated crossing points, a manned, physical wall will be more appropriate.

In some sense, the need created by Federal inaction can work for Arizona’s economic recovery inasmuch as contracts for the build out will only go to Arizona-based companies who hire with preference to Arizonans.  (*see Economic Recovery proposal)  Arizona needs jobs.

Benefits for the Citizens of Arizona:

  • – Effective non-lethal elimination of potential physical, economic and/or perceived threats to Arizona Citizens and their property.

  • – Less manpower in these efforts means less cost and less corruption.  I wouldn’t venture a guess as to why they public hasn’t been told of the more than 1,200+ ICE, DEA, Border Patrol, local and Military officials under investigation or indictment for facilitating or instigating the very ‘crimes’ they are paid by taxpayers to stop.

  • – No more deaths in our desert—a mere political embarrassment to my competitors, a matter of conscience for me.

  • – Immediate deployment and short completion time and jobs creation, so we can look to other things for economic development and put this Depression behind us.

  • – Physically denying unauthorized crossings of our border eliminates costs to Arizona before they can be incurred.  This represents an enormous savings on medical care, social services (*See immigration proposal) housing, detaining, prosecuting, and deporting costs, by making “illegal” entry through our southern border impossible.

  • – Flexibility to turn off narrowly defined sections of the ‘virtual wall’ to allow the free passage of natural wildlife, unlike any physical wall or barrier.  Arizona Ranger personnel will secure off line sections.

As always,

I remain at your service,


Vice-Chairman/ Communications Director

AZ Libertarian Party

Candidate for Arizona Governor 2014

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