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The Responsible Voter’s Guide

America is the only nation in Earth’s history that was founded on the premise that the People owned their government; and were to be represented by individuals drawn from amongst them.  These selfless public servants are charged with the task of carrying out the wishes of the People in matters of government—so long as those matters were within the constraints of our constitution,…

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Clean Elections:

I chose to not buy into the scheme simply because I believe campaigns should be funded by actual supporters, not by money that comes from a ‘special tax’ on statutory infractions (like parking tickets).

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“Has the jury reached a verdict?”

“Your Honor, the jury votes to acquit the Defendant.” That’s when the Judge erupted into a barrage of threatening language and terms of ridicule reminiscent of a spoiled child’s tantrum. “My instructions were explicit. You were instructed to follow the law, as I gave it to you, and you were instructed to find the Defendant guilty if you found the facts of this…

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