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Official Barry Hess 2014 Campaign website for Governor of Arizona.


If you can contribute, the individual limits are $2,500.00 (each), for the Primary, and for the General; you MUST be an American (no foreign contributions), and if you can give over $50.00, you’ll need to include your name, address, occupation and employer and send it to: HessForGovernor 2014, P.O. Box 6011, Glendale, Arizona 85312. Or you can contribute directly from our campaign site (www.HessForGovernor.Com), or even donate directly through PayPal (Send to: AZGovernor@Earthlink.Net) and make sure you specify that it is a gift, and not payment for services. (We’re also setting up to accept BitCoin for those forward thinking folks!)


*Those who contribute $50.00 or more will get a free copy of Louis Carabini’s, excellent book, “Inclined to Liberty”–a modern equivalent to Bastiat’s “The Law”. It’s 108 pages of brilliance, and I’ll be signing them with a personal message just for you. For those who contribute $100.00 or more, I’ll also throw in a copy of my own book, The PeaceMonger (see more at: www.ThePeaceMonger.Com). In any case, I’m sure you’ll find great some great thoughts to ponder and share in both of them.


*Right now, the Republican and Democrat Parties are bleeding members because of what they’ve done, while the Libertarian Party has grown by 20%! We’ve gained less than they lost–they’re desperate. Only registered Independents are growing faster. You’re at the forefront of the next American revolution, and with your help, we’re going to win this one, too!
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EMAIL: AZGovernor@Earthlink.Net

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