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Native American Relations

I appreciate that many of the ideas and beliefs expressed in the Declaration of Independence were taken directly from Iroquois tribal law. In most aspects, it is as libertarian as it gets; respect for each individual Life, equality among men, recognition of the sovereignty of the individual, a profound sense of honor and dignity and a heightened sense of restraint on government interference in people’s lives and business.

I respect the tribal lands as sovereign and self-determined. I believe a sovereign People should govern themselves and direct their own destiny for the preservation of their culture, traditions and social makeup, as they see fit.

As Governor, my policy will be “hands off” the tribal lands except for issues concerning the flow of water through them. I believe the responsibility for roads and economic development, as well as all tax revenues derived on tribal lands, should stay in tribal hands. Sovereignty is sovereignty. I will gladly assist and defend the tribes in establishing tribal lands as wholly owned sovereign nations, entitled to a fair share of, and access to the proceeds derived from the resources on or in their land.

I look forward to learning more about all 22 of Arizona’s tribal nations and to building strong relationships with each one. My past trips to tribal lands here in Arizona have always resulted in valuable insights of the people.

My hope is to re-assert those basic values and ideas that built and prospered this incredible nation. I want to encourage peaceful, mutually beneficial trade and relations with all of our Native American tribes to build, not just a better Arizona, but a better America.