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The “We Own Arizona” program

What Is: “We Own Arizona”?

Question for Barry Hess, Libertarian Nominee for Arizona Governor:

What is this “We Own Arizona” project you’ve been talking about?

Answer: That’s a good question, and one I deliberately left unanswered. I knew that people would immediately jump to the conclusion that I have grand plans to use taxpayer money to build a world-class; high-speed; 6-track; raised monorail system (60’ in the air), from the top to the bottom of Arizona (In the medians of I-10, and I-17); but nothing could be further from the truth.

First, I should also mention that the monorail system will be in the shape of a capital ‘A’ with two rails on the outside of both legs, one above the other; and two more tracks on the cross-piece (side-by-side), and that it is covered by a roof that will be the largest solar-photovoltaic array in the world. That’s what powers the whole thing; as well as the rental electric cars available at every station; and it’s what will charge a series of battery banks along the route(s). The overflow of energy produced will be sold back onto the national electric grid for a profit, and additional revenues will come in for advertising on the trains and on the stations.

This project will draw tourists from around the world, I mean, who wouldn’t line up to enjoy the majesty and diverse environments of Arizona—from 60-feet in the air? It will be nothing short of breath-taking.

It will also serve to save lives on the highway by utilizing one of the rails that is specifically reserved for emergency medical attention right where it’s needed most, on the highways. Imagine having an emergency response team that isn’t slowed down by traffic congestion and that can hoist accident victims up and directly into trauma/triage room in a train car.

Another benefit would be that in an emergency, it would allow emergency evacuations of entire cities measured in minutes, not days—the Katrina evacuation fiasco couldn’t be repeated, and at 60’ in the air, flooding is not an issue.

On non-emergency evacuation days, my plan calls for a $10.00 all-day pass, or a $5.00 one-way ticket, and a 2/3 Citizens vote to increase prices.

Sorry to ramble on, but I needed you to understand how my, “We Own Arizona” Initiative will work using a single project as an example. The same model can work with any worthwhile public project, and provide legitimate fees-for-services-rendered, revenues.

As it applies to this project (The high-speed Monorail system), it will be funded entirely by private dollars, with the State’s only contribution being the land (in the median of the freeways—so there’s no need to abuse the powers of ‘Eminent Domain’ by taking any private property).

The project will allow any Arizonan to actually contribute as much as they want to build out the system. Why would they do that, you ask? Well, because they will be investing in Arizona, and a percentage of the profits will come back to the original investors, according to their investment—in perpetuity. It will provide a reliable retirement pension, as well as a decent legacy for succeeding generations. I’m suggesting 30% of profits be distributed annually to the original investors; 40% to the State General Fund, and 30% for companies that will bid for the actual train and scheduling concession(s).

Think about that; even before its full length is completed, the project will already be generating passive income from the limited ticket sales, as it is put into use section-by-section. It will also be producing a lot of electrical energy almost from the very beginning–and earning a passive profit selling it onto the grid.

These disbursements will not be taxable in any way shape manner or form, and they are completely transferable, and inheritable, in perpetuity. I think the management of the operation should be left to investors, with each having a single, equal vote in matters of expense—without regard to the amount of the individual’s investment, and appointed to serve a short-term, ‘governing board’ position. The positions will be appointed on a random basis, to protect against any interest, or group of interests attempting to subvert or ‘take control’ of the on-going project.

My proposal to copy the Libyan aqueduct system and eliminate Arizona’s water shortages—permanently; can be financed using the same financing model.

So it only makes sense for Citizens to get involved in something that will be great for all of Arizona, and especially one that will to take us from ‘losing’, to ‘leading’ (the nation).

Now, don’t YOU want to own (a piece of) Arizona, too?

Better Ideas, for a BETTER Arizona!

As always,

I remain at your service,


Vice-Chairman/ Communications Director

AZ Libertarian Party

Candidate for Arizona Governor 2014

  • Oh perfect. The Libertarian party. The one ( infiltrated with phonies) and that’s going to sabotage the election for the GOP as usual.. The push for solar gave it away. Your Libertarian, is more like a Liberal wearing a HazMat suit. Don’t get any on ya. Hess could care Less about The People, and more about the Obama Agenda. Wake Up Arizona!

    • Barry Hess

      @Laura. Can a full-grown adult really make such senseless statements? First, you claim that you would know what a ‘phony’ libertarian is (you clearly do not), and then you say they are ‘sabotaging’ your political team’s guy…sigh. Do you not know that it’s a competition, and if your guy (who’s completely beholden to his big money financiers–NOT ‘you’) can be ‘sabotaged’, it’s because he’s a weak, or worthless candidate. Libertarians are not in the race to clear the way for any of its competitors–are you drunk?

      If a candidate’s ideas that don’t harm to the environment, and increase market competition suggest that Mr. Hess is a ‘liberal’ to you, you may need to sober up, or grow up. Mr. Hess is the only candidate who does actually care about the People–his competitors are the ones who are going to be using your taxpayer dollars to pay back their financiers…and you will gleefully find your way to the slaughterhouse.

      The Hess For Governor Team

  • “Copy the Libyan aqueduct system”? “Can be financed by the same financing model” Oh yeah, run away from this one.. Bad Seed. Less Hess, more GOP.

    • Barry Hess

      Laura. Are you serious? ‘Run away’ from good ideas (that’s what the GOP did to lose Mr. Hess before he joined the only honest party in America)? He’s a “Bad Seed” because he’s smarter than the Republican-Democrat team’s guy? Who’s kidding whom?